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15 Newest Korean Dramas You Must Watch on Netflix

Written by Sera Serinda A

Korean dramas are hugely popular, and now you can enjoy them on Netflix. Netflix not only brings back exciting dramas from other services but also creates its own original shows.

Even though these original dramas don't come out every month, they're always worth watching. If you've been a Netflix subscriber for a while, you definitely shouldn't miss out on these brand-new Korean dramas that are exclusive to Netflix. Check out the list:

1. Chicken Nugget

Year 2024
Genre , ,
Cast Ryu Seung Ryong Ahn Jae Hong Kim Yoo Jung
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Have you seen Kim Yoo Jung play all sorts of roles, from a wild girl to a royal princess? Well, get ready for something totally different. In this fantasy and mystery comedy drama, she's turning into a chicken nugget! Yes, you read that right – a chicken nugget!

Choi Min Ah (Kim Yoo Jung) is a girl who's living the dream life as the daughter of a wealthy business tycoon. But her life changes when she accidentally transforms into a chicken nugget after hopping into a mysterious machine.

Her dad, Choi Seon Man (Ryu Seung Ryong), and a hardworking intern, Go Baek Joong (Ahn Jae Hong), scramble to change Min Ah back to her human form. They need to crack the mystery of this magic machine.

Turns out, this machine is a special storage device that arrived by mistake – it was supposed to come the next day. Tired from delivering her dad's favorite spicy chicken, Min Ah decides to test the machine, and bam! She turns into chicken nuggets that taste just like the ones she was delivering!

2. A Killer Paradox

Year 2024
Genre , ,
Cast Choi Woo Shik Son Seok Koo Lee Hee Joon
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"A Killer Paradox," featuring Choi Woo Sik as Lee Tang, starts with a startling incident. Lee Tang is a student working a part-time job wo accidentally kills a drunk man during a scuffle. He's terrified this accident could ruin his life. However, he finds out that the man he killed was actually a criminal killer, long sought by the police.

Lee Tang comes to realize that he possesses a unique ability to identify evil people who deserve to die. He then decides to take on the role of a "judge" for these criminals, unaware that he is slowly becoming a serial killer himself.

Lee Tang's actions don't go unnoticed. Detective Jang Nan Gam (Son Seok Koo) and former investigator Song Chon (Lee Hee Jun) are now on his trail.

The intriguing plot of "A Killer Paradox," written by Kim Da Min, is an adaptation of a popular webtoon by Kkomabi. Despite its seemingly dark theme, the film skillfully blends elements of thriller, crime, and black comedy.

Following the triumphs of The Cursed, Hellbound, and Monstrous, screenwriter and director Yeon Sang-Ho is back with a Netflix collaboration drama in early 2024 called "The Bequeathed."

This drama delves into the theme of inheritance and was crafted alongside Min Hong Nam and Hwang Eun Young. "The Bequeathed" starts when Yoon Seo Ha, an honorary lecturer, unexpectedly inherits her family ancestor's tomb from her uncle.

Regrettably, this inheritance stirs up painful memories from Seo Ha's past, particularly regarding her father's abandonment of her and her mother. To make matters worse, Kin Young Ho, who claims to be Seo Ha's half-brother, emerges with intentions to stake a claim on the inheritance.

After that, a series of peculiar events unfold in the village, all somehow linked to Seo Ha's family tomb, including the mysterious death of her uncle. What's truly unraveling within the confines of Seo Ha's family tomb?

4. Gyeongseong Creature

Year 2023
Genre , ,
Cast Park Seo Joon Han So Hee
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The movie is set in 1945, during the time Japan occupied Korea. The main character, Jang Tae Sang, is the richest man in Gyeonseong and owns the pawnshop 'House of Golden Treasure'. He was admired not only for his wealth but also for his good looks and wide network of informants throughout the city.

Tae Sang finds himself in a difficult situation when he is wrongly accused of being involved in a woman's disappearance. He's then arrested by Ishikawa, a high-ranking Japanese officer. The missing woman, Myeong Ja, is secretly involved with Ishikawa.

Tae Sang is forced to find her within given time or else he'll lose all his property to the police. His search leads him to Yoon Chae Ok, a private detective also looking for her lost mother. They decide to work together on their missions.

Surprisingly, all roads leading to Ongseong Hospital, are rumored to have been closed due to a deadly disease that afflicted one of its patients. However, as Tae Sang and Chae Ok dig deeper, they discover a deeper mystery surrounding the hospital, which is linked to the recent number of missing people in Gyeonseong.

If you're a fan of the "Sweet Home" series, you're probably eager to see what happens next with Hyun Soo (Song Kang) and the other residents of Green Home Apartment who are trying to survive a world suddenly overrun by monsters.

In the second season, things get even more intense for Hyun Soo. He's caught by the military because he's part monster. Even though he's got this weird monster side, he still chooses to help the military find a cure.

Meanwhile, the military is working harder than ever to stop the virus. Monsters are taking over everywhere, and the military has to be really careful about who is infected and who isn't. If they find someone who's turned into a monster, they take them out right away.

Are you curious to see if humans can win this fight against the monsters? Check out "Sweet Home 2" to find out!

Coming to Netflix in 2023, this drama featuring Woo Do Hwan, Lee Sang Yi, and others is an 8-episode series that caught the attention of fans with its exciting crime action story.

Kim Geun Woo (Woo Do Hwan) is a boxer. One day, his mother falls into debt with a cruel loan shark named Kim Myeong Gil (Park Sung Woong).

Geun Woo works hard to clear his mother's debt. He leaves boxing behind and starts working for Choi Tae Ho (Heo Jun Ho), a well-known figure in the loan business. Unlike Myeong Gil, President Choi helps people in trouble by lending money without interest. This kind act threatens Myeong Gil's business, leading to a fierce rivalry.

Now, Geun Woo stands with President Choi, ready to take on Myeong Gil.

Actor Kim Woo Bin made a comeback to the entertainment scene with his drama "Black Knight," after taking a break for health reasons. Based on Lee Yun Kyun's webtoon of the same name, "Black Knight" is an action-packed survival story set in a future world where people need oxygen tanks and masks from the government to survive.

Kim Woo Bin plays Agent 5-8, a top-performing government agent. His job is to hand out oxygen tanks and masks to South Koreans who survived after a meteor turned their country into a desert. But he's more than just an agent; he's also a secret hero.

Agent 5-8 and a few others secretly help people who aren't as fortunate as the "chosen ones" who have easy access to oxygen. They distribute medical aid and food. However, the government, which wants to get rid of the less lucky citizens, finds out about their actions. This leads Agent 5-8 and his group to start fighting against the government.

8. Queenmaker

Year 2023
Cast Kim Hee Ae Moon So Ri Ryu Soo Young Kim Tae Hoon
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If you're a fan of political, legal, and social themed dramas, then "Queenmaker" might just be the right choice to watch. Directed by Oh Jin Seok, the drama follows the journey of a corporate problem-solver who goes into politics for a noble purpose.

She is Hwang Do Hee (Kim Hee Ae). She earns the trust of the owner of Eunsung Group for her outstanding performance as the general manager of the strategic planning team. Do Hee is highly skilled in managing various tasks, including handling public opinion and using it to benefit the company.

When she is asked to join the campaign team of Oh Kyung Sook (Moon So Ri), who is running for mayor of Seoul, Do Hee accepts the challenge. Despite having many differences of opinion during the election, the two women unite and fight together with the common goal of advocating for the underprivileged. Their collaborative efforts pay off, leading Kyung Sook to victory as the next mayor of Seoul.

9. The Fabulous

Year 2022
Genre , ,
Cast Chae Soo Bin Choi Min Ho
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Are you a fan of fashion and looking for a show that's both inspiring and fun? "The Fabulous" drama on Netflix is a perfect pick. It's all about the fashion world, but it also packs in some great stories about life and love.

Meet Ji Woo Min (played by Minho), a freelance photo editor at a fashion company. He's great at making product and model photos look amazing. He's not just talented at his job; he's also really good-looking. However, he's not much into the dating scene.

Then there's Pyo Ji Eun (Chae Soo Bin), the boss of a luxury brand promotion agency. She really wants to make it big in fashion and will do whatever it takes to succeed. Until one day she crosses paths with Woo Min. He doesn't just shake up her career; he also stirs her heart.

10. Somebody (2022)

Year 2022
Genre , ,
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"Somebody" is a 2022 drama series directed by Jung Ji Woo. This 8-episode drama takes its audience into the story of an app developer who becomes entangled with the law when her app is linked to a murder case that shocks South Korea. Kim Sum (Kang Hae Lim) developed an application called Somebody to facilitate easier communication for its users. Despite not being good at socializing, Kim Sum has two close friends, Mok Won (Kim Yong Ji) and Gi Eun (Kim Soo Yeon), who are detectives. One day, a murder case occurs. During the investigation, the police discover evidence linking the app developed by Kim Sum to the crime. Kim is bewildered and turns to her two friends for help to uncover the truth. What could have caused Kim Sum's application to be implicated in a murder case?

Spanish drama "Money Heist" has a special place in the hearts of fans around the world, including in South Korea. Director Kim Hong Sun and scriptwriter Ryu Yong Jae collaborated to create a Korean adaptation entitled "Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area."

In this version, a man called Professor (Yoo Ju Tae) plays the role of a criminal mastermind strategist. He devises a plan to pull off a heist on the Korean Peninsula. To pull off the act, he teams up with several people who have different characteristics and abilities.

Their operation begins with a daring heist at a Korean money printing press, complete with hostages. Now, it's up to the police to save those hostages and catch the Professor and his team before they manage to get away.

"Glitch," released in 2022 and starring Jeon Yeo Bin and Nana, is a drama about a woman whose boyfriend goes missing. She teams up with a quirky UFO-watching club to find him.

Hong Ji Hyo (Jeon Yeo Bin) comes from a wealthy family and has a job, but her real interest is in researching aliens, something she's been doing since she was young. Her unique hobby even gives her the ability to see aliens.

Ji Hyo's world changes when her boyfriend of four years, Lee Si Guk (Lee Dong Hwi), vanishes without a trace. Despite trying various methods, she can't find him.

Thinking that Si Guk might have been taken by the aliens she sees, Ji Hyo turns to a UFO watchers club for help. Together, they embark on a mission to find Si Guk and uncover the truth behind her encounters with aliens.

13. Juvenile Justice

Year 2022
Cast Kim Hye Soo Kim Mu Yeol Lee Sung Min
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If you love South Korean dramas and stories about law, here's a great show for you: "Juvenile Justice." You can watch it on Netflix, it started in 2022.

The drama stars Shim Eun Seok (Kim Hye Soo), a top judge who doesn't like teenagers. She's known for being really strict and keeps to herself, making others avoid her. She gets a job at a court for young people in Yeonhwa District and starts using her own rules to deal with teenagers who break the law.

Eun Seok has to be fair, even with small crimes. Her style changes how things work in the Yeonhwa District court.

Some people don't like that Eun Seok treats young lawbreakers like adults. But it turns out, her tough way actually helps stop kids from doing wrong things.

In the drama "All of Us Are Dead," a normal school day turns into a nightmare when a zombie attack suddenly happens. This South Korean drama, which became a hit, follows students as their plan to study all day changes into a desperate fight for survival against zombies.

The chaos starts with a student getting bitten by a lab hamster, which was part of a science experiment by teacher Lee Byeong Chan (Kim Byung Chul). This hamster carries a virus that quickly turns the student into a zombie. Soon, the virus spreads rapidly, transforming the students of Hyosan High School into zombies.

The trouble doesn't stay within the school. It reaches the city when an infected student is taken to the hospital and causing more chaos. Now, students including On Ju (Park Ji Hu), Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young), Nam Ra (Cho Yi Hyun), Su Hyeok (Lomon), and others are trapped. They face a critical decision, fight back and try to escape, or do nothing and risk becoming zombies themselves.

15. Hellbound Season 1

Year 2021
Genre , ,
Cast Yoo Ah In Park Jung Min Kim Hyun Joo Won Jin Ah
More info →

In 2021, a dark-fantasy South Korean drama was released, based on a webtoon by Yeon Sang Ho, who also directed the show. The drama is about a terrifying monster that captures souls for torment in hell.

Set between 2022 and 2027 in South Korea, the drama begins on a usual day when an 'angel' unexpectedly announces an upcoming day of judgment. Right after this proclamation, three enormous monsters appear, attacking and burning many people.

Rather than leading people to seek forgiveness, two powerful and radical organizations, the New Truth Society and Arrowhead, seize the chance to take control over the community. So, who are the doomed ones, and who will manage to survive this chaos?

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