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Top 11 Korean Dramas About Pretending to be Poor

In Korean dramas, it's common to witness romantic relationships between the rich and the poor. However, the storyline where a wealthy protagonist pretends to be impoverished is a less explored but intriguing narrative.

Despite being less prevalent, several Korean dramas have successfully employed this formula, resulting in some noteworthy productions.

If you're interested in watching Korean dramas featuring this plot, you're in luck! We've compiled a list of fascinating Korean dramas that showcase rich people disguising their true identities. So, without further ado, let's dive into our review!

1. Revolutionary Love

Revolutionary Love

Revolutionary Love marks the much-anticipated return of Choi Si-Won to the small screen after his completion of military service.

The drama follows the story of Byun Hyuk, the son of an affluent family, who unexpectedly decides to leave his privileged lifestyle behind and move to a small studio apartment in a densely populated residential area. Byun Hyuk conceals his true identity and attempts to live a simple life, unlike the extravagant one he was accustomed to.

During his stay in the residential area, he encounters Baek Joon, a hardworking part-time worker who becomes his neighbor. Baek Joon serves as a catalyst for Byun Hyuk's personal transformation, and he begins to question his own values and priorities.

This unexpected meeting with Baek Joon triggers a series of events that lead to a revolutionary change in Byun Hyuk's perspective on life.

Throughout the drama, viewers are drawn into the intricacies of Byun Hyuk and Baek Joon's relationship as they navigate through various challenges and obstacles. Their journey of self-discovery, growth, and love is heartwarming and inspiring, making Revolutionary Love a must-watch for K-drama enthusiasts.

In addition to Choi Si-Won's captivating performance, the drama boasts an impressive supporting cast that includes Kang So-Ra, Gong Myung, and Lee Jae-Yoon. Revolutionary Love also features a well-written storyline with a perfect blend of romance, humor, and social commentary that explores the struggles of the younger generation in Korean society.

2. High Society

High Society

High Society is another captivating Korean drama that centers around the theme of wealthy individuals pretending to be impoverished. The drama's female lead, Jang Yoon-Ha (Uee), is the youngest child of a wealthy conglomerate family. Despite her privileged upbringing, she faces numerous familial issues that prompt her to seek a simpler life.

Yoon-Ha resolves to work part-time at a supermarket, all the while concealing her true identity as the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Her intention is to find a partner who will love her for who she is rather than her family's wealth and social status.

However, fate has other plans in store for her when she meets Choi Joon-ki (Sung Joon), a hardworking man from an ordinary family who dreams of marrying into a rich family.

As the story unfolds, viewers are treated to a series of heartwarming and entertaining events that follow Yoon-Ha and Joon-ki's relationship. The drama showcases the challenges and complications that arise when individuals from vastly different socioeconomic backgrounds come together.

Overall, High Society is an enthralling K-drama that seamlessly weaves together romance, drama, and social commentary. Its unique storyline and stellar performances make it a memorable addition to the genre of dramas about rich people pretending to be poor.

3. Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus is one of the recommended Korean dramas that centers around the male lead, Kim Young-Ho or John Kim (So Ji-Sub). Although not entirely poor, he disguises his true identity as the son of a wealthy family that owns a large company in America and leaves his family to pursue a career as a personal trainer for Hollywood artists.

The drama's story takes off with Young-Ho's return to Korea after a scandal with one of his Hollywood clients. During his flight back home, he meets Kang Joo-Eun (Shin Min-A), a lawyer who catches his attention. This chance encounter leads to several more meetings between the two characters, eventually culminating in Young-Ho becoming Joo-Eun's personal trainer as she seeks to overcome her weight problems.

Throughout the drama, viewers are treated to a heartwarming and engaging storyline that showcases the personal and professional growth of both characters. Young-Ho's struggles with his own family and his personal transformation as a trainer are juxtaposed with Joo-Eun's journey towards self-acceptance and confidence.

4. Ugly Alert

Ugly Alert

Ugly Alert is a riveting Korean drama that revolves around the character of Gong Joon Soo (Im Joo Hwan), who willingly takes the blame for a crime he did not commit to protecting his adopted sister, who was accused of the murder.

Following his release from prison, Joon Soo starts working at a fashion company under the BY Group, determined to start life anew. At the company, Joon Soo meets Na Do Hee (Kang So Ra), a dedicated and hardworking employee who hides her true identity as the heiress of her grandfather's company.

Despite their initial differences, Joon Soo and Do Hee develop a deep connection as they navigate through various personal and professional challenges.

In addition to the stellar performances of the lead actors, the drama's supporting cast, including Choi Tae Joon and Kang Byul, adds depth and nuance to the storyline. Ugly Alert is also notable for its portrayal of societal issues such as poverty, mental health, and the impact of familial relationships on personal growth.

5. A Witch's Love

A Witch's Love

A Witch's Love is a heartwarming Korean drama that narrates the love story of Ban Ji-Yeon (Uhm Jung-Hwa), a 39-year-old woman, and Yoon Dong-Ha (Park Seo-Joon), a 25-year-old man. Ji-Yeon is a passionate reporter who loves her job and is dedicated to uncovering the truth. On the other hand, Dong-Ha runs a small service with his friend.

Despite their age difference and seemingly different lifestyles, Ji-Yeon and Dong-Ha develop an inexplicable connection that blossoms into a beautiful romance. As they explore their feelings for each other, they face a myriad of obstacles, including their own personal insecurities and societal expectations.

While the drama primarily focuses on the romance between the two leads, it also delves into themes of self-discovery, forgiveness, and the search for meaning and purpose in life. Ji-Yeon and Dong-Ha's relationship highlights the importance of breaking free from societal norms and embracing one's true self.

Dong-Ha's decision to leave his wealthy family and conceal his true identity further adds to the drama's depth and complexity. As viewers follow his journey of personal transformation, they are treated to a nuanced portrayal of familial and societal pressures and expectations.

6. Me Too, Flower!

Me Too, Flower

The male lead, Seo Jae-hee (Yoon Shi Yoon), is a successful company owner who conceals his true identity and works as a parking attendant. During his time as a parking attendant, he meets Bong-Sun (Lee Ji-Ah), a strong and determined policewoman.

Initially, the two characters have a contentious relationship, with frequent disagreements and arguments. However, as they spend more time together, their relationship evolves into a heartwarming romance. As their love blossoms, Jae-hee's true identity as a wealthy man begins to unravel, causing various problems and complications.

Further, to the impressive performances of the lead actors, Me Too, Flower features an outstanding supporting cast that includes Han Go-Eun and Seo Hyo-rim, who add depth and nuance to the story.

The drama also touches on various social issues such as gender inequality, workplace harassment, and the complexities of familial relationships, making it a well-rounded and thought-provoking production.

We can say, Me Too, Flower is a delightful K-drama that seamlessly blends romance, drama, and social commentary. Its unique storyline, memorable characters, and captivating performances make it a must-watch for anyone interested in the genre of dramas about rich people pretending to be poor.

7. The Liar and His Lover

The Liar and His Lover

"The Liar and His Lover" is adapted from the popular Japanese manga Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru. The drama centers around the story of Kang Han Gyeol, a talented songwriter who has been successful from the very beginning of his career in the music industry. However, despite his accomplishments, Han Gyeol feels a deep sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction with his life.

To find meaning and purpose, Han Gyeol decides to leave his glamorous life behind and start anew, hiding his true identity and living a simpler life. It is during this time that he meets Yoon So Rim (Joy Red Velvet), a high school student with a remarkable talent for singing. So Rim's musical abilities catch Han Gyeol's attention, and he becomes her mentor and producer.

As their relationship develops, Han Gyeol and So Rim are forced to confront various challenges and obstacles, including their own personal insecurities and societal expectations. The drama beautifully captures the complexities of relationships, particularly those that involve power dynamics and significant age differences.

Joy Red Velvet's portrayal of So Rim is particularly noteworthy, showcasing her acting abilities alongside her already-established singing talent. The drama's impressive supporting cast, including Lee Hyun Woo and Lee Jung Jin, add depth and nuance to the storyline, making it a well-rounded and engaging production.

The Liar and His Lover is a well-crafted K-drama that delivers an entertaining and heartfelt story. Its exploration of complex themes, such as the search for meaning and purpose, the perils of fame, and the intricacies of relationships, makes it a must-watch for fans of the romance genre.

8. Feast of the Gods

Feast of the Gods

Feast of the Gods is a sumptuous Korean drama that revolves around the world of traditional Korean cuisine and the cutthroat competition that exists within the culinary industry. The drama features a talented ensemble cast, including Sung Yu-ri, Joo Sang-wook, and Lee Sang-woo, who bring their characters to life with depth and nuance.

The storyline follows two chefs, Go Joon-young (Sung Yu-ri) and Jang Sae-Young (Joo Sang-wook), as they navigate through the competitive world of Korean cuisine. Joon-young is a highly skilled chef who is constantly battling her own personal demons, while Sae-Young is a young and ambitious chef who is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

As the two chefs go head-to-head in various culinary competitions, they begin to develop a deep connection that blossoms into a complex and intense romance. However, their relationship is complicated by the fact that they are both vying for the same coveted culinary award.

The drama's exploration of themes such as ambition, jealousy, and the pursuit of excellence makes it a well-rounded and engaging production. Overall, Feast of the Gods is a must-watch for anyone interested in the genre of food-themed dramas. Its unique storyline, stunning visuals, and memorable characters make it a standout addition to the world of Korean dramas.

9. She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty

The series revolves around two childhood friends, Kim Hye-jin and Ji Sung Joon, who reunite as adults, but with very different looks and life experiences.

In the past, Hye-jin was a beautiful, wealthy, and intelligent girl, but her family's company went bankrupt, and her life took a drastic turn. Now as an adult, she struggles with her appearance and lack of confidence. On the other hand, Sung Joon, who was once an unattractive and insecure boy, has grown into a handsome and successful chief editor.

The two meet again at the prestigious magazine office, The Most, where Sung Joon is the chief editor, and Hye-jin starts her internship. As they work together, they slowly begin to rediscover their past feelings for each other, but with their contrasting looks and fates, it is not an easy journey.

Adding to the drama's charm is the character of Shin-hyuk, Hye-jin's coworker, who becomes her close friend. Behind his quirky and humorous demeanor, Shin Hyuk masks his true identity as a famous and wealthy writer.

As the three of them navigate their professional and personal lives, they are forced to confront various challenges and obstacles that test their relationships and self-identities.

10. All About My Mom

All About My Mom

A heartwarming Korean drama comes from "All About My Mom." The drama explores the complexities of family dynamics and the power of love and sacrifice. The series follows Jin-ae (Eugene), a hardworking employee of a fashion company, who is always willing to help her family, even if it means sacrificing her own dreams and desires.

Despite her selflessness, Jin-ae often feels neglected by her mother, who shows more attention to her successful lawyer brother. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Kang Hoon-jae (Lee Sang-Woo), who she initially mistakes for an ordinary technician.

Little does she know that Hoon-jae is actually the owner of a small but successful architecture firm called Hoon Design. As Jin-ae and Hoon-jae become closer, they begin to uncover each other's secrets, including the fact that Hoon-jae's mother is actually the CEO of the fashion company where Jin-ae works.

This revelation leads to a series of unexpected events and challenges, forcing both Jin-ae and Hoon-jae to confront their own feelings and priorities. In addition, the drama is following to various themes such as family, sacrifice, and self-discovery, making it a well-rounded and thought-provoking production.

11. Hwarang


Hwarang is an epic historical drama that takes viewers on a journey through the fascinating and turbulent times of the Kingdom of Silla. The series offers a fresh take on the popular theme of rich people pretending to be poor, with a unique and intriguing twist.

The story begins with Queen Jiso, who assumes leadership of the kingdom after the death of her husband, King Beopheung. Faced with threats from enemy forces, the queen is forced to keep her young son, Sam Maek Jong, hidden away from the capital city of Seorabeol.

Years later, when Sam Maek Jong has grown into a young man, various noble factions begin to pressure Queen Jiso to hand over power to her son. However, as the struggle for the throne intensifies, Maek Jong realizes that his true identity as a future king puts him in danger.

To protect himself and his kingdom, Queen Jiso creates a special force called Hwarang, an elite group of young men who are trained in martial arts, music, and poetry. In a bold move, Maek Jong secretly joins the Hwarang and adopts a new identity as Ji Dwi Rang, a commoner who dreams of becoming a great warrior.

Besides the impressive storyline, Hwarang also stands out for its stunning visuals and attention to detail, with lavish sets, costumes, and historical accuracy that transport viewers to a bygone era. With its blend of action, romance, and drama, Hwarang is a must-watch for fans of historical dramas or anyone looking for a captivating and well-crafted series.

Korean dramas about rich people pretending to be poor have become a popular genre that offers a unique and interesting perspective on love, family, and society.

These dramas not only entertain audiences with their captivating storylines and talented cast but also provide a glimpse into the lives of those who come from privileged backgrounds and the challenges they face when they choose to live simpler life.

As Korean dramas continue to gain popularity around the world, it's no surprise that dramas about rich people pretending to be poor have become a beloved genre among fans of all ages.

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