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11 New & Must-Watch Korean Movies of 2024

Written by Sera Serinda A

South Korea has become a beloved hub of entertainment. From K-Pop and K-Dramas to its burgeoning film industry, this nation is now in the global spotlight, especially after several of its films have snagged prestigious international awards. As a result, South Korean directors, screenwriters, and actors are creating more works than ever.

Each month brings a new Korean movie that makes its mark on the international scene. Many of these films offer fresh and unique stories, ready to captivate audiences. Showpoiler has compiled a list of the latest Korean movies for your viewing pleasure. Here are the top picks:

1. 8 Suspects

Year 2024
Genre ,
Cast Seo Han Gyeol Lee Sol Gu
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During the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1944, a renowned filmmaker is mysteriously found dead. To crack this case, a clever lawyer, Chan Keun, and a skilled mystery writer, So Yoon, bring together eight suspects.

The group includes a dentist, a young businessman, a café owner, a telephone operator, and an architect, all confined to one room. The air is thick with tension as Chan Keun starts questioning them. Each suspect must present their alibi and prove their innocence.

Yet, before the investigation completes, all suspects begin to be poisoned and killed one after another. Panic ensues when they realize they are caught in a lethal trap. With only three hours remaining, those still alive must collaborate to identify the murderer among them before they too are killed.

This South Korean indie film, directed and written by Oh Incheon, might seem modest in production but its intriguing plot makes it an engaging watch for fans of mystery movies.

2. Again 1997

Year 2024
Genre ,
Cast Cho Byeong Kyu
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At 40, Woo Seok is the main support for his family. He works as a stuntman, although he once dreamed of being a famous actor. Unfortunately, facial scars prevent him from becoming a leading actor.

One day, Woo Seok saved an elderly monk from being hit by a car and bought five amulets from him. To his surprise, one amulet transported him back to 1997, during his high school days.

Caught between shock and excitement, Woo Seok vows to change his future. He plans to focus on his studies and pursue his acting career. He even avoids Ji-Min, his future wife, because an accident involving her left him with the scar on his face.

This supernatural drama was directed by Shin Seung Hoon and features a cast of mostly young actors, including Koo Jun Hoe from the idol group IKON.

3. The Sin

Year 2024
Cast Kim Yoon Hye Song Yi Jae
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Si Young was selected as the lead in an art film shot in an old school. Si Young, a dancer, and her friend Chae Yoon performed a dance resembling a shamanic ritual for a scene in the film.

From their first visit to the location, Si Young and the crew sensed an eerie atmosphere but continued filming. The situation escalated when a staff member, seemingly in a trance, fell from the roof.

The crew and other actors watched in horror as the staff member's body disintegrated and then bizarrely revived like a zombie. The terror unfolded as the zombie began attacking and infecting others. Now, the survivors must not only uncover the mystery behind these events but also escape the terrifying ordeal.

Director Han Dong Seok blends Korea's religious diversity with zombie horror in this film. He also credits his inspiration to famous zombie movies by Umberto Renzi and Lamberto Bava.

4. Troll Factory

Year 2024
Genre ,
Cast Son Suk Ku Kim Sung Cheol Kim Dong Hwi Hong Kyung
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The movie Troll Factory explores the themes of journalism and the darker side of the online world, focusing on a reporter played by Son Suk Ku.

Im Sang Jin (Son Suk Ku) is a journalist at a newspaper company. He was disciplined for reporting on a corruption case involving the powerful Manjeon Group.

One day, Sang Jin learns about a group known as the Alley Team. Rumored to manipulate public opinion online, this team is believed to have twisted the news about the Manjeon Group to appear fake.

The group includes members like Jjing Ppeot Kking (Kim Sung-Cheol), Chat Tat Kat (Kim Dong-Hwi), and Paeb Taek (Hong Kyung).

To clear his name, Sang Jin starts digging into the Alley Team. However, he uncovers a shocking truth: a significant force is backing the group.

5. 1980: The Unforgettable Day

Year 2024
Genre ,
Cast Kang Shin Il Kim Gyu Ri Baek Sung Hyun Han Soo Yeon
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Like many countries, South Korea has a dark chapter in its history, which inspired the film The Unforgettable Day. This movie is set during the Gwangju Democratization Movement on May 18, 1980.

The movement began when the dictatorial President Chun Doo Hwan seized power and declared martial law, leading to widespread riots and military violence.

The Unforgettable Day tells the story from the perspective of a family that owns a restaurant in Gwangju. The family patriarch, Cheol Su's grandfather, had always dreamed of owning his own restaurant. His dream came true when he opened his first Chinese restaurant, but his joy was short-lived as chaos soon erupted in Gwangju.

Not only was his restaurant at risk, but he also had to protect his family. They were often wrongly accused of being communists by local residents, attracting dangerous attention from the military.

6. My Name Is Loh Kiwan

Year 2024
Genre ,
Cast Song Joong Ki Choi Sung Eun
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In Kim Hee Jin's first film as a director, we follow the touching story of Loh Kiwan (Song Joong Ki). Kiwan is a young man from North Korea trying to make a new life in Belgium.

Kiwan and his mom, Ok Hee (Kim Sung Ryung), escape from North Korea to China. But life is hard there, and they always fear being sent back or mistreated. Then, on Kiwan's birthday, something really sad happens.

Kiwan is bringing an umbrella to his mom when the police find them. A truck hits Ok Hee as she tries to save Kiwan, and she dies. Kiwan is heartbroken but remembers his mom's wish for him to go to Belgium for a new start.

In Belgium, Kiwan has to learn a new language and find a job. He meets Marie (Choi Sung Eun), a Korean woman who is now a Belgian citizen. Marie's life feels empty, unlike Kiwan's, who's there with a purpose. They don't hit it off at first, but slowly, something special starts to grow between them.

7. The Roundup: Punishment

Year 2024
Genre , ,
Cast Ma Dong Seok Kim Mu Yeol Lee Dong Hwi
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Ma Seok Do, also known as "Monster Cop" (Ma Dong Seok), is back in action! This time, he's up against Baek Chang Ki (Kim Mu Yeol), a ruthless former mercenary who runs an illegal online gambling organisation.

With the help of the Cyber Investigation Team, Ma Seok Do begins to track down Baek Chang Ki and his network. Their investigation takes them to the Philippines, where they discover a connection between a drug trafficking app and an online gambling network.

Baek Chang Ki proves to be a dangerous enemy, using violence and intimidation to maintain his power. He doesn't hesitate to use kidnapping, assault, and murder to eliminate anyone who stands in his way.

To further complicate matters, Baek Chang Ki has the support of Jang Dong Cheol (Lee Dong Hwi), an IT genius who plans to run a similar scheme on a larger scale in Korea. Now, Ma Seok Do and his team must act quickly to stop this threat and protect innocent victims from harm.

In late February, "Exhuma" was predicted to be the highest grossing Korean movie of 2024, with fantastic earnings. This horror thriller tells the story of a wealthy family in Los Angeles who are terrorised by supernatural events, with their baby becoming the target of evil forces, putting the child's safety at risk.

Two talented young shamans, Hwa Rim (Kim Go Eun) and Bong Gil (Lee Do Hyun), become the family's last hope. Hwa Rim senses that the evil force haunting the family comes from their ancestors, known as the "Grave Calling" curse.

Seeking help, Hwa Rim asks the help of a geomancer named Sang Deok (Choi Min Shik) and an experienced funeral director, Yeong Geun (Yoo Hae Jin), to solve this supernatural issue. Together, they propose a bold plan to appease the spirits by digging up the graves of family ancestors.

However, the grave is located in a remote Korean village, and as they begin the excavation, they unknowingly open the gateway to evil forces that have been buried for centuries.

In his first film as a director, Ha Joon Won presents "Dead Man," a story about a man trying to clear his name from a scandal. The film features well-known actors like Cho Jin Woong, Kim Hae Ae, and Choi Soo Young.

Lee Man Jae (Cho Jin Woong) was skilled at earning money by lending his name to companies to enhance their reputation. One day, he was offered 5 million won to 'lend' his name again, but things took a wrong turn.

Lee Man Jae was wrongly accused of stealing a huge sum—100 billion won. To escape this mess, he had to fake his death in South Korea while he was actually imprisoned in China.

Fortunately, Man Jae kept his wits about him. With assistance from a skilled political advisor, Mrs. Sim (Kim Hee Ae), he escaped prison and returned to his country. Now, his new goal is to find the person responsible for the scandal that ruined his life.

Badland Hunters, starring Ma Dong Seok, is the exciting sequel to Concrete Utopia. Both movies are set in a post-apocalyptic world following a nuclear war that devastates the globe. In the story, Seoul is now just a big, empty desert that's really hard to live in.

Life becomes even more difficult as residents struggle to find clean water. They resort to filtering dirty water and trading goods to survive.

In one of the surviving districts, a group arrives searching for an 18-year-old girl. Su Na and her grandmother are taken to the city center with promises of a better life. Tragically, on the way, Su Na is separated from her grandmother. While Su Na is taken to a hospital, her grandmother dies.

Luckily, two of Su Na's neighbors from their district, Nam San and Ji Wan, see what happens. They set out to rescue Su Na. It's a tough mission, facing not just hostile forces but also strange mutants. Despite the dangers, they find out the truth about what happened in the hospital where Su Na was held.

Mixing action, drama, and comedy, this film captures the wild journey of a woman who falls victim to a phishing scam.

Deok Hee never expected her life to turn upside down when she lost a large sum of money to a voice scam. Though devastated, she refused to give up. Deok Hee sets out to track down the scammers who stole her money.

During her mission, Deok Hee teams up with Jae Min (Gong Myung), a mysterious young man linked to the scammers but who wants to help her. She also joins Bon Rim (Yum Hye-Ran), her best friend from work, and Sook Ja (Jang Yoon-Ju), another scam victim.

Together, they form an unconventional and daring team, set on taking down the voice scam network and bringing the criminals to justice.

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