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10 New Korean Movies Featuring Cold-Blooded Psychopaths

Written by Gerryaldo

Watching movies is like diving into a world of different characters, some of which we might never meet in real life. From sweet and romantic personalities to the downright sadistic, each character brings their own flavor to the story, turning it into a captivating film.

Sweet and romantic characters often leave us smiling. But what about the sadistic ones? They tend to give us chills! That’s exactly what makes them so intriguing. When combined with a solid plot, movies about ruthless psychopaths can be a really gripping watch.

Our team has rounded up the latest Korean movies featuring psychopaths that are a must-see. Ready to explore these thrilling films? Here’s our list with reviews!

Imagine your vacation suddenly turning into a fight for survival because of a deadly virus on a plane. Pretty scary, right? That's exactly what happens in "Emergency Declaration," a South Korean thriller that's perfect for your weekend movie night!

Park Jae Hyeok (Lee Byung Hun) used to be a pilot but left the aviation world after a past incident. On his day off, he decides to take his daughter, Soo Min (Kim Bo Min), on a holiday to Hawaii.

At the airport, they bump into Ryu Jin Seok (Yim Si Wan), a young man acting very oddly. Jae Hyeok gets suspicious of Jin Seok, and it turns out he's right to be worried.

Jin Seok has unleashed a dangerous virus on the plane, causing all the airports around the world to refuse their landing. Now, everyone's wondering what will happen to the passengers on board. What's their destiny in this high-stakes situation?

"Midnight" is a South Korean psychological thriller, both written and directed by Kwon Oh Seung. Starring Jin Ki Joo and Wi Ha Joon, it's a story about a deaf girl who becomes the target of a psychopathic killer. Be prepared for goosebumps!

The main character, Kyeong Mi (Jin Ji Hoo) is hearing-impaired. She works at a call center for sign language, helping others as a counselor. One night, while walking down an alley, she accidentally sees a murder committed by the psychopath Do Sik (Wi Ha Joon). This makes her the next target on Do Sik's list.

Kyeong Mi struggles to quickly report or ask for help, which gives Do Sik an advantage since she can't easily communicate. Now, Kyeong Mi has to fend for herself and fight back against Do Sik before she becomes the next victim of this deranged killer.

"The Call" is a film that shows how even a tiny change in the past can dramatically alter the present. Along with a gripping story, actress Park Shin Hye delivers an outstanding performance that's sure to impress. This movie is a must-watch for fans of Korean thrillers!

The story centers on Kim Seo Yeon (Park Shin Hye), who returns to her village to take care of her ill mother. She ends up staying in their old family home. While sorting through stuff in the house, she discovers an old phone and starts playing with it.

As evening falls, Seo Yeon unexpectedly gets a call from a girl from the past, Jang Jong Seo (Oh Young Sook), who needs help. Seo Yeon follows Jong Seo's guidance and changes something in the present, which, in turn, affects the past.

In exchange, Jong Seo makes a change in the past that greatly influences Seo Yeon's life. Little do they know, this marks the beginning of a chain of events that leads to both of their downfalls.

4. Door Lock

Year 2018
Cast Gong Hyo Jin
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Living alone in a secure apartment doesn't always mean feeling safe. That's the reality in the South Korean movie "Door Lock," directed by Lee Kwon. This film hits close to home, especially for women living solo, showing the importance of being aware and cautious.

Cho Kyung Min (Gong Hyo Jin) is a bank teller who lives by herself in a studio apartment. Things start to feel off when Kyung Min notices she's often dizzy in the morning, and her apartment seems different than how she left it. These signs make her suspect something isn't right.

Her fears are confirmed when she knows that a security guard from her apartment building has been breaking into her room. This guard is dangerously obsessed with Kyung Min and has bad intentions. Realizing the threat she's in, Kyung Min must fight back to avoid becoming his next victim.

5. Dark Figure of Crime

Year 2018
Genre , ,
Cast Kim Yoon Seok Joo Ji Hoon
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In 2018, director Kim Tae Kyun released a crime drama inspired by a real murder case from a TV show called "Unanswered" episode 869. The case was about a murder that was never solved and a body that was never found.

The movie stars Kim Hyung Min (Kim Yoon Seok), a narcotics police officer. He teams up with a reliable informant, Kang Tae Oh (Ju Ji Hoon), to crack a case.

But Tae Oh is suddenly arrested by homicide detectives for killing his girlfriend. He ends up in jail.

From prison, Tae Oh contacts Hyung Min and shocks him with a confession: he claims to have killed six other people. Hyung Min sets out to find these six bodies based on Tae Oh's information. Is Tae Oh telling the truth, or is it all just a ploy?

If you're looking for a break from the typical super-sweet South Korean love stories, check out "The Witness" by director Jo Kyu Jang. This crime thriller is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The main character, Sang Hoon (Lee Sung Min), lives a seemingly ordinary life as a worker living in his apartment. One night, he hears a woman screaming, and when he looks outside, he sees that a woman is being hit with a hammer by a man named Tae Ho (Kwak Si Yang).

Despite the horror unfolding before him, Sang Hoon is paralyzed with shock and fear, unable to intervene or even make eye contact with Tae Ho. The next day, he finds out that the woman he saw is now dead.

The police get Detective Jae Yeob (Kim Sang Ho) on the case. Even though he's asked, Sang Hoon hesitates to share what he knows. But soon, he and his family find themselves in danger, as they become new targets for Tae Ho.

7. Memoir of a Murderer

Year 2017
Genre , , ,
Cast Sol Kyung Gu Kim Nam Gil Kim Seol Hyun Oh Dal Soo
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Based on the novel "A Murderer's Guide to Memorization" by Kim Young Ha, this film stars Sol Kyung Gu and Kim Nam Gil. It's about a former serial killer with Alzheimer's who fights to save his daughter from her dangerous boyfriend.

Byeong Soo (Sol Kyung Gu) had a troubled youth. He killed his abusive father and, after that, he started thinking many people deserved the same fate for their wrongdoings. He became a serial killer, hiding his victims' bodies in a remote bamboo forest.

But then, Byeong Soo has a car accident and develops Alzheimer's disease. This condition forces him to stop his criminal activities and try to live a normal life.

The twist comes when his daughter starts dating a psychotic man. Byeong Soo, with his past as a skilled killer, now must race against time and his fading memory to protect his daughter.

Starring Jang Dong Gun, Kim Myung Min, Park Hee Soon, and Lee Jong Suk, this movie, though critiqued for its portrayal of violence against women, is a gripping story of a South Korean cop chasing down a notorious serial murderer.

The suspect, Kim Gwang Il (Lee Jong Suk), is the son of a high-ranking North Korean official. He's accused of raping and murdering women across the globe, putting him on the radar of both South and North Korean police, as well as Interpol.

After a tough and extensive search, Gwang Il is finally located. A coordinated plan by South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS) and the CIA in the USA leads to his capture, with the intention of bringing him to trial in South Korea.

However, Detective Chae Yi Do (Kim Myung Min), who is handling the case, discovers something fishy. He learns that an NIS agent seems intent on protecting Gwang Il. What's really going on here?

9. Close Your Eyes

Year 2017
Genre ,
Cast Cha Sun Woo Seol In A
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Did you know that South Korea is also known for its gripping thriller movies? Among these films, "Eyes Closed" or "Close Your Eyes" directed by Kim Sol Mae and starring Cha Sun Woo and Seol In A is one that stands out.

The story is about Kim Hyeon Woo (Cha Sun Woo), a blind street musician who captivates audiences with his music. His biggest fan, Park Mi Rim (Seol In A), attends all of his performances.

One day, Hyeon Woo holds a performance on a city street that is known for its crime rate. At the same time, Hyeon Woo's big fan Mi Rim goes missing, making Hyeon Woo worried. Things take a surprising turn when the police suspect him of being involved in Mi Rim's disappearance. What really happened?

10. Bluebeard (2017)

Year 2017
Genre , ,
Cast Cho Jin Woong Shin Goo Kim Dae Myung
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In the 2017 psychological thriller directed by Lee Soo Yeon, Cho Jin Woong stars as the lead. The film revolves around a hospital worker who's drawn into a murder case after hearing a confession from his patient.

Seung Hoon (Cho Jin Woong) is a doctor who once opened his own clinic in Seoul, but it didn't work out. This failure forces him to shut down his clinic and go back to working in a hospital.

During his work, Seung Hoon meets a patient who needs to be sedated for an examination. But before the sedation fully takes effect, the patient starts rambling and confesses to a series of murders.

Seung Hoon believes the confession and tries to alert the authorities. However, with no solid proof, he can't do much. He decides to investigate the case himself while the patient is still under anaesthesia.

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