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8 New Horror Comedy Movies to Watch in 2024

Written by Sera Serinda A

Most horror films are known for their ability to send shivers down our spines, making us shield our eyes in terror. Yet, some films in this genre stand out by ingeniously merging with other genres, thereby enriching their narrative. One of them is the comedy horror genre. These movies skillfully weave humor into the fabric of horror, transforming a typically tense atmosphere into something more amusing and entertaining.

Unlike traditional horror films, which often require viewers to brace themselves for intense scares, comedy horrors offer an entirely different experience. They bring a unique blend of humor that not only lightens the mood but also makes the plot more immersive and appealing.

If you're in the mood for such a blend of laughter and fright, Showpoiler has compiled a list of must-see films for you. Don’t miss out on exploring the detailed reviews for each of these recommended titles!

In Sweden, a group of greedy capitalists gather for a conference before launching a shopping mall built on stolen land. Lina (Katia Winter), a member of this capitalist group, is shocked to discover that her company has not compensated the farmers whose land they took.

Lina sets out to find out who's responsible for this injustice. Her investigation reveals that Jonas (Adam Lundgren) has been forging documents and even the signatures of his colleagues. Lina's suspicions are confirmed: the local farmers never agreed to the construction of the mall.

Soon after, members of the conference begin to be brutally and savagely murdered by a mysterious figure dressed as 'Sotis'. Sotis is a funny clown intended to be the mascot of the new mall.

This film is an adaptation of a popular novel by Mats Strandberg, sharing the same title. With a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes, this horror-comedy skillfully blends emotions and spikes the adrenaline of its viewers.

A teenage girl named Jamie accidentally time travels and finds herself stuck in the year 1987. At that time, a series of murders by the "Sweet Sixteen Killer" is the talk of the town.

Jamie quickly gets used to life in this new era. She even meets a younger version of her late mother, Pam. Jamie and Pam become friends and decide to work together to stop the killings by a mysterious masked man.

Will Jamie be able to put an end to the Sweet Sixteen Killer's spree? And more importantly, is she going to be trapped in 1987 forever?

Filled with thrilling scenes yet laced with spontaneous comedy that brings laughs, this horror-comedy film is a perfect pick for your leisure time. With a runtime of 1 hour and 46 minutes, it's sure to keep you entertained!

The Presley family is eyeing a house in Illinois that they plan to buy. This house has been empty for a year, ever since the previous family left, scared away by a ghost. Despite the doubts of his sons, Fulton and Kevin, their father, Frank, decides to buy the house and move in permanently.

Kevin, the quieter one, hears strange noises in the attic room. There, he encounters a ghost and manages to capture it on his phone. But instead of being scared, Kevin laughs, which makes the ghost disappear. The next day, Kevin meets the ghost again in the attic and tries to communicate with it. The ghost, whom Kevin names Ernest, can't speak.

Fulton stumbles upon the video Kevin recorded and shows it to their father, Frank. They upload it to their YouTube channel, and it surprisingly goes viral.

Directed by Christopher Landon, this film is an adaptation of the 2017 short story 'Ernest' by Geoff Manaugh. It has become a trending hit on Netflix in several countries, blending horror with comedy for a unique and entertaining viewing experience.

Ben Matthias is an astrophysicist who has turned to ghost hunting to uncover clues about the tragic death of his wife, Alyssa. Alyssa was known to be a paranormal tour guide. Ben's journey leads him to a haunted mansion now owned by Gabbie, a doctor's widow, and her son, Travis.

The terrifying aura of the house forces Ben to team up with Pastor Kent, an exorcist, and Harriet, a psychic, to confront its chilling inhabitants.

Their investigation reveals the tragic history of the mansion, involving William Gracey and the psychic Madame Leota, as well as the malevolent Hatbox Ghost, also known as Alistair Crump. This ghost needs the soul of the thousandth person to escape from the mansion.

Directed by Justin Simien, this supernatural comedy film features a cast including LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, and Owen Wilson.

Beau is a man trapped in the shackles of severe anxiety that disrupts his daily routine. Staying at home becomes the only safe haven for him. One day, Beau decides to visit his mother, but on his way, a couple named Roger and Grace accidentally hit him. They then take care of Beau until he recovers.

However, Beau's recovery leaves behind some oddities. He begins to experience delusions that blur the lines between the past and the present, especially regarding memories with his mother. These delusions and his anxiety disorder make his mind more chaotic, turning each day into a frightening shadow for Beau.

The death of his mother adds to Beau's burdens, forcing him to confront his fears and the haunting shadows of his past.

This horror-comedy film by Ari Aster was released in April 2023 in the United States. With a duration of nearly 3 hours, viewers are presented with many unpredictable scenes that defy logic. Curious? Be sure to watch the movie now!

Emily Young decides to adopt a three-toed sloth and names it Alpha. Her clever plan? To use this unique pet as her campaign mascot for the presidency of the Sigma Lambda Theta (SLTH) sorority.

At first, everyone is charmed by Alpha. The sloth quickly becomes the talk of the sorority. But things take a terrifying turn when Alpha starts hunting down the sorority members, one by one. The girls find themselves in a desperate battle for survival, trying to escape the clutches of their once-beloved pet turned predator.

The big questions loom: How does this seemingly slow and harmless forest creature become a ruthless hunter? And why is Alpha targeting these students?

In this horror-comedy directed by Macon Blair, we meet Winston, an everyday guy facing extraordinary challenges. He's up against evil forces to protect his friends, his community, and most importantly, his son. Winston's journey to become The Toxic Avenger turns him into a symbol fighting against unfairness and bullying.

Winston, a seemingly ordinary man working at Garb-X health club, faces a personal crisis with a serious illness. He needs costly treatment, but his boss, who's more interested in money and power than people's well-being, won't pay for it.

When Winston's trying to confront his boss, he accidentally falls into a pit of toxic waste. This mishap turns him into a monster, but instead of going rogue, Winston decides to use his new monstrous form for good. He's now on a mission to right the wrongs he's faced and defend those who've been treated unfairly.

The stakes get even higher when Winston races to save his son and confront a ruthless villain. This bad guy wants to use toxic superpowers for his own gain. The big question is: can Winston stop him in time and complete his mission? Get ready for a mix of scares, laughs, and action in this unique tale of an unlikely hero.

In this funny yet scary movie, Andrew (Matthew Rhys) is a guy who smuggles drugs. He's on a plane, throwing out lots of cocaine packages. After he gets all the packages out, it's his turn to jump. But things go wrong – he hits his head on the door, gets knocked out, and sadly doesn't survive because his parachute doesn't open.

The real twist happens when these cocaine packages, which Andrew was supposed to tell his team about, end up all over the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. A black bear finds the cocaine, accidentally breathes it in, gets hooked, and starts to become really mean, attacking anyone it meets.

The movie, directed by Elizabeth Banks, is actually based on a real story from 1985. It's about a black bear in the United States that accidentally ate a bunch of cocaine worth a lot of money. This story mixes scary and funny parts, making it a super interesting movie to watch.

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