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10 Latest & Most Popular Action Comedy Movies of 2024

Written by Gerryaldo

Action movies don't always have to be solely focused on serious and intense narratives. A prime example of this is the action comedy genre. By incorporating humor, these films effectively lighten the intensity of the action scenes. This blend allows viewers to thoroughly enjoy the movie while still experiencing the thrill of each action-packed moment.

Every year brings a new selection of action comedies, each with their own unique and engagingstorylines. Showpoiler has got a selection of the latest films from this combined genre, perfect for those seeking entertainment recommendations during their leisure time. Here are the films we've compiled:

Based on the comic strip La Grande Odalisque by Jérôme Mulot, Florent Ruppert, and Bastien Vivès, the film directed by Mélanie Laurent tells us a story of Carole (Mélanie Laurent) and Alex (Adèle Exarchopoulos), two best friends stuck in a life of crime. They dream of a better, safer life, but can't seem to escape their risky habits.

Carole and Alex have always been side by side and pulled off many heists together. Tired of their criminal life, they decide it's time to change for their own future. But, they plan one last big job to end their crime spree with a bang. This time, they bring along their friend Sam (Manon Bresch).

Their final mission, however, doesn't go as planned. It gets messy, and the three friends have to work hard to fix things so they can finally live the life they want. This movie is a mix of action and laughs, showing how strong friendships can be tested when chasing a dream.

Get ready for 'The Out-Laws,' a fun action comedy directed by Tyler Spindel. This movie stars Adam DeVine as Owen Browning, a young banker who's excited about his wedding to Parker McDermott, played by Nina Dobrev. But there's a twist – he needs to get the approval of Parker's long-lost parents, Billy and Lily, portrayed by Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin.

Owen tries to impress them by showing off his bank's security system. But this backfires when he finds out Billy and Lily have a secret plan. He's pulled into a wild adventure with them while Parker is busy with yoga.

This movie is a 95-minute ride full of laughs and action. Adam DeVine and the cast bring a lot of fun to the screen. It's more than just a wedding story – it's about Owen's crazy journey with his future in-laws and all the surprises along the way.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods" is an action-packed sequel to "Shazam!" (2019), continuing the exciting story of the DC character Shazam. Produced by New Line Cinema, DC Studios, and Safran Company, this film is a must-watch as the 12th installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Zachary Levi returns to star in this thrilling adventure.

The film focuses on Shazam and his five half-siblings, known as the Shazamily. They're facing tough times because they're drifting apart. The siblings, once close-knit and dedicated to saving others, start losing interest in their heroic duties. This change comes after they're wrongly blamed for causing destruction, which ruins their reputation as a family of heroes. When Shazam tries to bring them together for a talk, they're not really interested.

Everything changes when Freddy, one of the Shazamily members, gets kidnapped. This crisis brings the Shazamily back together in a heartbeat. They're not just determined to rescue Freddy but also find their passion for helping others rekindled. Now, they have two big challenges: saving Freddy and stopping a dangerous monster unleashed by the villain, all while making sure no one else gets hurt.

In "Shazam! Fury of the Gods," the adventure and comedy are bigger than ever. The Shazamily's journey is not just about fighting bad guys; it's about rediscovering what makes them heroes and the strength they find in being a family. Get ready for a movie filled with action, laughter, and heart.

4. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Year 2023
Genre , ,
Cast Paul Rudd Evangeline Lilly Michael Douglas Michelle Pfeiffer Kathryn Newton
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Peyton Reed's 'Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania' is the exciting 31st film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and follows the adventures of Ant-Man after the monumental battle with Thanos. This sequel, part of the Ant-Man film series from 2015 and 2018, is a 124-minute journey made with a staggering $200 million budget. It promises to take audiences on a thrilling new adventure with their favorite miniature hero.

The film picks up with the Avengers, including Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), also known as Ant-Man, celebrating their victory over Thanos. Scott is back with his daughter, Cassie (Kathryn Newton), who's grown up to be incredibly intelligent. She's even invented a device capable of sending signals to the quantum realm, a breakthrough in technology.

However, just as Scott is about to warn Cassie about the dangers of her invention, the device unexpectedly activates. In a twist of fate, it transports Cassie and other family members straight into the quantum realm. There, they find themselves split into two groups.

One group, familiar with Scott and his family, faces their own challenges, while Scott and Cassie find themselves among those resisting the rulers of this perilous quantum realm. Together, they must navigate this dangerous and unfamiliar world, racing against time to find a way back home.

Spy Kids: Armageddon brings back the excitement of the Spy Kids movie series, a fan favorite since 2011. In this fifth film of the series, the multi-talented Robert Rodriguez returns as the producer, editor, writer, and director, showcasing his diverse skills.

The story centers on a dynamic spy couple, Terrence Tango (Zachary Levi) and Nora Torrez (Gina Rodriguez). They are deeply involved in a critical mission to decipher a secret code known as 'Armageddon.'

The task of unlocking this code seems almost impossible. The plot takes an unforeseen twist when their son, Tony (Connor Esterson), while playing his beloved video game, unintentionally cracks the code. This code, however, falls into the hands of Rey "The King" Kingston (Billy Magnussen), a tech billionaire with sinister intentions.

Realizing the danger, Terrence and his family embark on a mission to stop Rey and recover the code. Their journey is filled with challenges and obstacles, testing their spy skills and strengthening their family ties.

"Medellin," a lively action comedy film directed and written by Franck Gastambide, takes you on an unexpected adventure with a fitness center manager who inadvertently finds himself up against a formidable Colombian cartel. This French film offers 104 minutes of excitement and laughter, making it a must-watch.

The story kicks off when Brahim (Brahim Bouhlel), in a bid to create viral social media content, fabricates a kidnapping story. This reckless act inadvertently drags his older brother, Reda (Ramzy Bedia), into a dangerous situation. The made-up kidnapping involves Don Nacho (Arie Sierra), who is, without them knowing, the son of Colombia's most notorious cartel leader.

Reda, realizing the gravity of the situation, seeks help from a police officer named Marissa (Essined Aponte). To resolve this mess, Marissa goes undercover with Reda to track down the cartel, aiming to save Brahim and dismantle the cartel's operations. As their mission escalates, they receive assistance from military agents. Their combined efforts lead to Brahim's rescue and the capture of the cartel members.

"The Machine," a film born from Bert Kreischer's hilarious 2016 stand-up show, has made its way to the big screen, thanks to Legendary Entertainment. This action comedy, rooted in a true story from Kreischer's life, promises to keep you on the edge of your seat with laughter and suspense.

The movie focuses on a younger Bert, who finds himself in Moscow, Russia. There, he performs a stand-up routine about an experience he dubs 'The Machine.' Little does Bert expect that this routine will land him in hot water. The story catches the attention of the mafia, led by Irina (Iva Babic), who mistakenly believes Bert has swiped a precious item from her crime family.

In a dramatic turn of events, Irina kidnaps both Bert and his father, who arrives in a desperate attempt to rescue his son. As the unlikely trio makes their way back to Moscow, they encounter a string of perilous situations. Can Irina recover what she believes is rightfully hers? And more importantly, can Bert and his father survive this unexpected and treacherous adventure?

8. They Cloned Tyrone

Year 2023
Genre , ,
Cast John Boyega Teyonah Parris Jamie Foxx
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Tired of predictable movies? "They Cloned Tyrone" might just be the intriguing watch you need. This sci-fi film directed by Juel Taylor follows a group who discover they're part of a risky experiment and plan to reveal it all.

The experiment focuses on the local black community. Fontaine (John Boyega), a drug dealer with his share of troubles, is unexpectedly shot by a rival. Astonishingly, he wakes up the next day completely unharmed.

Curious about his survival, Fontaine teams up with Slick (Jamie Foxx) and Yo-Yo (Teyonah Parris) to dig deeper. They uncover a shocking fact: Fontaine has been cloned as part of a secret government project.

Now under the control of a scientist named Nixon (Kiefer Sutherland), Fontaine feels trapped but resolves to challenge the powerful white authorities.

Jackie Chan makes a highly anticipated return to the big screen in "Hidden Strike," alongside John Cena, in a film directed by Scott Waugh. This action-packed 102-minute movie showcases a gripping tale of bravery and survival as special forces work to protect civilians in Baghdad from hostile enemy attacks.

The story unfolds with a ruthless assault by mercenaries led by the formidable Owen Paddock (Pilou Asbaek) on an oil refinery owned by the Chinese company Unicorp. In response, the company calls upon Luo Feng (Jackie Chan), a seasoned former special forces soldier, to orchestrate the safe evacuation of its employees.

However, the path to safety is treacherous, infamously known as the road of death, presenting challenges too great for Luo Feng to handle alone. After that, Chris Van Horne (John Cena), a former U.S. Marine, steps in to assist with the dangerous evacuation process. Can Luo Feng and Chris Van Horne work together to rescue all civilians from Owen's militant terror?

Based on the 1904 story "Peter Pan: Peter & Wendy" by the well-known author J.M. Barrie, the Walt Disney production company created a live-action film called "Peter Pan & Wendy." Directed by David Lowery, this movie takes us on the adventures of Peter Pan, Wendy, and her younger brothers.

The adventure starts with Wendy (Ever Anderson), who doesn't want to grow up. Peter Pan (Alexander Molony) senses this and quickly invites Wendy, along with her two younger brothers, John (Joshua Pickering) and Michael (Jacobi Jupe), to Neverland. Neverland is a magical place where they don’t have to worry about growing up.

Just minutes after arriving in this magical land, their journey seems to go smoothly. However, it isn't long before they run into trouble with Peter Pan’s enemy, Captain Hook (Jude Law). Captain Hook immediately sets his sights on Peter Pan and his friends.

To bring back peace to Neverland, which Captain Hook has disrupted, Peter and his friends quickly start looking for ways to defeat Captain Hook and his crew.

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