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7 Latest Thai Horror Dramas to Watch

Written by Syuri K.N.

Thai horror series have attracted audiences for quite some time. These series, particularly those within the horror genre, possess a unique charm that sets them apart from other horror content.

The intensity of Thai horror can vary widely. Some series are genuinely terrifying, filled with gruesome details, while others blend horror with comedy, delivering scares that are laced with humor. Regardless of the approach, Thai horror films and dramas have a way of leaving a lasting impression on their viewers.

Here, we'll provide you the latest Thai horror dramas that are a must-watch! So, which ones should you add to your list? Keep scrolling and let's find out!

1. Mystery of Spirit

Mystery of Spirit

Also known as Slave House or Ruean That, this series an adaptation of a novel by Yananthorn. You can catch the drama on Thailand's Channel 3. Despite having only 10 episodes, each one spans an extensive 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The plot centers around a grand house owned by Phraya Thammanurak (Auan Rangsit Sirananon). Despite its magnificence, the house is infamous for being haunted.

The supernatural inhabitant is a woman wrongfully executed for a crime she did not commit. Bearing a deep grudge, her spirit lingers in the Phraya Thammanurak house.

She patiently awaits the perfect moment to exact her revenge on those who marked her and her son's ill-fated future. In an unexpected turn of events, the wrathful spirit is finally purged from the house, and soon after, the true evil identity of the culprit is revealed.

2. Low Frequency

Low Frequency

Mon (Guitar Sarin) is an incredibly busy interior designer, but his life is even more complicated than it appears. He possesses an unusual 'gift' - the ability to see spirits. When he's not working on design projects, he helps solve the problems of the curious spirits around him.

One day, Mon encounters the spirit of Thames Thinnaphat (Ping Guntapat), a famous actor. This is peculiar, considering Thames is still alive, even though in a coma at a hospital.

Thames's spirit appearance raises many questions. Why is Thames' soul detached from his body? Is he nearing death? Why does Thames' spirit always follow Mon? To unravel these mysteries, you can tune into the drama.

The drama, alternatively titled Khluen Khwam Thi Tam, is quite fascinating. Ping Guntapat, who has been acting since 2016, stars alongside Guitar Sarin, a newcomer in the field. Born in 2000, Guitar is a trainee and model under Rocket Bangkok agency.

Guitar participated in a survival show called Seven Stars in 2022. It would be interesting to see the on-screen chemistry between Ping and Guitar. So, instead of being left wondering, watch the drama to find out!

3. Midnight Museum

Midnight Museum (2033)_

Midnight Museum (2023) is a horror-fantasy drama that's too good to miss. This series serves up an intriguing narrative from the first episode to the last, backed by spine-chilling cinematography and visual effects.

The drama revolves around Khatha (Tor Thanaphob), the owner of a museum housing dangerous supernatural artifacts. His life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters Dome (Gun Atthaphan), a mysterious young man bearing an uncanny resemblance to his deceased brother.

This resemblance sparks an obsession in Khatha to being close to Dome. He frequently visits the café where Dome works, orders coffee that he never drinks, and sits quietly until the café closes.

When the café eventually shuts down, Khatha hires Dome as an employee at his museum. But on Dome's very first day, his carelessness leads to the theft of precious artifacts from the museum. Now, Khatha and Dome must work together to retrieve the missing items.

As they work together, Khatha discovers Dome's unexpected connection to his late brother. What is the connection between Dome and Khatha's brother? Tune into Midnight Museum to find out!

4. Phetra Naruemit

Phetra Naruemit_

Phetra Naruemit follows the main character, Orn Khemiorn (played by Mook Mookda), who is magically sent back in time to the reign of King Rama III, 200 years ago.

Suddenly, Orn finds herself on a magical ship, where she meets her soulmate, Rachamontri (Michael Pattaradet). On this journey, she experiences various challenges such as war, black magic, and encounters with vengeful spirits.

Orn also discovers a secret that has connections to her future. Can Orn return to his own time? And, what will happen to her love story with Rachamontri? Be sure to watch "Phetra Naruemit" to find out!

5. Ghoul to School

Ghoul to School_

Khru Phensri (Tukky Sudarat) is the principal of Nongmaeped Witthaya School. When the school's operating license is threatened with termination, Phensri does everything in her power to prepare for the school's accreditation.

In an effort to save the school from closure, Phensri hires a beautiful new English teacher, Khru Lady (Pat Napapa). Strangely, not long after Lady's arrival, the school's chickens start dying in a brutal manner.

Baffled at first, Khru Phensri eventually witnesses Lady eating the insides of a raw chicken. She then becomes convinced that Lady is a ghoul.

Khru Phensri desperately wants to expose Khru Lady, but Lady is a caring teacher adored by all students. On top of that, Khru Boy (Nike Nitidon), Phensri's younger brother, has feelings for Lady. What will happen next? Tune in to find out!

6. The Stone of Affection

The Stone of Affection

Ployrung (Bua Nalinthip Sakulongumpai), a jewelry designer, is the owner of a mine that everyone thinks is haunted because of the gruesome deaths that have occurred there. She also often dreams about a mysterious ring she has never seen.

When workers at her mine are found dead in gruesome circumstances, the investigation is handed over to Inspector Phurim (New Thitipoom Techa-apaikhun). Strangely, upon meeting Ployrung, Phurim experiences a sense of familiarity.

As more workers reach the deeper parts of the mine, they discover a ring adorned with pearls. However, the discovery of this ring actually awakens the spirit of Mukda (Ben Raviyanun Takerd), a woman who died a hundred years ago. Mukda turns out to have a dark story with Ployrung and Phurim in the past life. What is the relationship between the three?

7. Nang Nak Saphai Phra Khanong

Nang Nak Saphai Phra Khanong

Nang Nak Saphai Phra Khanong is based on the famous Thai legend of 'Mae Nak Phra Khanong', also known as 'Nang Nak'. The series combines elements of history, horror, the supernatural, and romance.

The storyline unfolds around the unusual love shared between Phi Mak (Kao Jirayu) and Nang Nak (Mind Atitaya). Their story takes a tragic turn when Nang Nak passes away during childbirth, along with her baby, while Phi Mak is away at war.

Upon Phi Mak's return, he is overjoyed to find his wife and new baby waiting for him. Everything was normal until one day Phi Mak noticed something strange about Nang Nak. He witnesses his wife's hand mysteriously extending to pick up a fallen lime from the veranda that he starts to suspect something peculiar about Nang Nak.

Phi Mak comes to the realization that his wife is a ghost, and in fear, he flees from his home. Feeling sad and angry, Nang Nak pursues Phi Mak. He finds refuge in the Wat Mahabut temple, a place considered off-limits to spirits.

Feeling betrayed by Phi Mak and the people of Phra Khanong, a heartbroken Nang Nak lashes out, spreading fear among the people. Eventually, a monk manages to capture Nang Nak's spirit, imprisoning her in an urn that is then thrown into the Phra Khanong canal.

What makes this drama different from the original legend is the cause of the death of Nang Nak and her baby. It reveals that they died due to the harsh treatment from Phi Mak's possessive mother, Mae Muean.

Now that Phi Mak knows the truth, what comes next? What future lies ahead for Nang Nak, trapped inside the urn? Will they ever reunite, or are they destined to wait for a chance to be together in another life?

Those are the most recent Thai horror dramas this year. Each of these dramas has an exciting narrative and is sure to send shivers down your spine. Have you already seen any of the dramas mentioned above? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section!

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