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10 Latest Korean Dramas about Bullying

Written by Sera Serinda A

The theme of bullying is both sensitive and classic in the world of drama. Korean dramas tackling this issue often provoke anger towards the mistreatment of perceived weaker individuals. However, they also impart significant moral lessons to viewers.

Moreover, each bullying-themed drama presents unique narratives and conveys distinct messages, despite starting from a similar premise. This diversity is a key reason behind the success of several Korean dramas focusing on this topic.

So, which are these impactful Korean dramas? Allow Showpoiler to highlight a selection of them for you!

1. Pyramid Game

Year 2024
Genre , ,
Cast Bona Jang Da A Ryu Da In Kang Na Eon
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When word got out that Jang Won Young's sister, Jang Da A, might join the cast of a drama, fans got really excited. And yes, she did end up taking a role in the TVING drama alongside other young actresses like Bona, Ryu Da In, and Kang Na Eon.

"Pyramid Game" is set in Baekyeon Girls High School in Seoul. It's about a game that happens once a month where students vote for the most popular among them. However, students who get an "F" grade in this popularity contest end up being bullied.

As a new student, Sung Soo Ji (Bona) thought her school would be normal. Her class, 2-5, seems peaceful but a bit odd. Things change when they join the Pyramid Game and Soo Ji sees her classmates' true colors.

After the game, Soo Ji doesn't get any votes, making her the next bullying target. Despite this, she bravely decides to try and put an end to this cruel game in her own way.

In the summer of 2004, Moon Dong Eun, a high school student, reports her friends who bullied her to the police station. They are Park Yeon Jin, Jeon Jae Jun, Choi Hye Jeong, Son Myeong O and Lee Sa Ra. However, her report is not taken seriously, and she is subjected to even more severe torture when she returns to school.

Yeon Jin, the mastermind behind the bullying, shows no guilt at all. In addition to physical torture, Dong Eun is also sexually harassed by Son Myeong O. The bullies continue their crimes even outside of school, making it impossible for Dong Eun to escape the torment.

Unable to endure it any longer, Dong Eun decides to quit school. But even after changing schools, her grudge against her bullies never fades away. She meticulously designs her revenge plan, and slowly begins to enter their environment to carry out her action.

The Glory is a Korean drama based on true events. It tells the story of a young girl's struggle against bullying and her quest for revenge. The drama has won several prestigious awards, including the Asian Academy Creative Awards and Baeksang Arts Awards in 2023 for Best Drama Series and Best Drama categories.

3. Weak Hero Class 1

Year 2022
Genre , ,
Cast Park Ji Hoon Choi Hyun Wook Hong Kyung Kim Su Gyeom
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This drama adaptation of a webcomic by Seo Pae Seu, Kim Jin Seok, and Yoo Soo Min, titled "Weak Hero Class 1," depicts the suffering of Yeon Si Eun (Park Ji-Hoon), a student who becomes the victim of bullying at his school.

Si Eun is a model student in his school, his intelligence triggers jealousy among some of his classmates who target him for bullying. However, with the support of two of her schoolmates, Soo Ho and Beom Seok, Si Eun gets through it all.

Soo Hoo and Beom Seok, who are skilled fighters and free spirits, strengthen their friendship with Si Eun through their united stand against bullying. However, will the cycle of bullying at their school ever stop?

While exploring the issues of bullying in South Korea, the drama is even more interesting because it features some famous young stars, such as Park Ji Hoon, Choi Hyun Wook, and Hong Kyung.

Following the success of the school drama "All of Us Are Dead," Park Solomon joins Shin Ye Eun and Seo Ji Hoon in "Revenge of Others." This time, the drama continues with the school setting but explores the theme of revenge.

"Revenge of Others" tells the story of Ok Chan Mi who wants revenge for the death of her twin sibling at school, which she believes was not a suicide but a murder.

To uncover the mystery, she enrolls in the same school as her late sister and finds an ally in her new friend, Ji Soo Heon. During the investigation, Chan Mi can't trust anyone, as everyone keeps their own secrets and alibis.

The 12-episode drama is written by talented writer Lee Hee Myung, who is known as the scriptwriter of other popular dramas such as "Into the World Again," "Beautiful Gong Shim," and "A Girl Who Sees Smells," among many others.

"The King of Pigs" digs into the story of a mysterious serial murder case committed by someone who is haunted by childhood trauma. The drama revolves around Hwang Kyung Min and the detectives, Jung Jong Suk and Kang Jin Ah.

Hwang Kyun Min turns into a relentless serial killer because of his deep childhood trauma. He's been a victim of violence during his school days.

One day, Detective Kang Jin Ah finds a murder case and discovers a message from the perpetrator addressed to Detective Jung Jong Suk. Upon investigation, Jung Jong Suk is a actually a high school friend of Hwang Kyung Min. Driven by the message, Jung Jong Suk tries to stop the merciless murder committed by his old classmate.

"The King of Pigs" is a live-action adaptation of Yeon Sang-ho's animated movie with the same title. The narrative provokes contemplation on the profound theme of how childhood bullying and trauma can profoundly shape one's future.

Lim Ju Kyung (Moon Ga-young) is a student who faces discrimination and bullying because of her appearance, which makes her move to another school.

In her new environment, Ju Kyung undergoes a remarkable transformation. She learns makeup techniques from online tutorials and becomes the most admired student. No one teases her anymore, but instead she becomes the most popular student in her school now.

However, there is one student who knows Ju Kyung's real face but still likes her, Lee Su Ho (Cha Eun-woo). Su Ho is another popular student who is famous for his handsome looks. Beside Su Ho, there is Han Seo Jun (Hwang In-yeop), Su Ho's rival, who also has a crush on Ju Kyung.

The romantic drama "True Beauty" based on the webtoon by Yaongyi entertains with a blend of humor and romance, while providing valuable lessons about self-acceptance and the true meaning of beauty.

7. Extracurricular

Year 2020
Genre ,
Cast Kim Dong Hee Park Ju Hyun Jung Da Bin Nam Yoon Su
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This drama contains many messages and moral values about the lives of teenagers. Extracurricular tells the dark side of high school life that focuses on the story of four students named Oh Ji Soo, Bae Gyuri, Seo Min Hee and Kwak Ki Tae. They are involved in a dangerous dark world.

The story begins with Oh Ji Soo, a quiet and introverted student. He runs an online prostitution business involving many underage teenage girls. The business is quite neat and organized.

In this business, some of his schoolmates are also involved, namely Park Gyuri, a student who helped Oh Ji Soo's business. Then there is Seo Min Hee, a student who becomes a prostitute and her boyfriend, Kwak Ki Tae, who wants to destroy Oh Ji Soo's prostitution business.

Park Sun Ho (Nam Da Reum) is a school violence victim who ends up in a coma in the hospital. The person responsible is Oh Joon Seok (Seo Dong Hyun), the troublemaker at school.

Joon Seok comes from a rich family that always manages to hide his mistakes. Sun Ho, on the other hand, is from a modest family, with his father, Park Moo Jin, working as a high school teacher.

Park Soo Ho (Kim Hwan Hee), Sun Ho's younger sibling who also attends the same school, wants to find evidence to know the truth. The question is, can Sun Ho and his family achieve justice?

This powerful family drama features an ensemble of renowned actors known for their impressive performances, including Park Hee Soon, Chu Ja Hyun, Oh Man Seok, Jo Yeo Jung, Nam Da Reum, Kim Hwan Hee, and others.

"Save Me," based on the webcomic "Out of the World" by writer Jo Geum-san, tells the story of Im Sang Mi (Seo Yea Ji) and her family. They move to the secluded village of Muji-gun, which is shrouded in mystery.

Economic troubles lead Sang Mi and her family to this village. There, there's a priest noticing their struggles. So he invites them to join his church. But this church is not what it seems – it's actually a cult.

While Sang Mi's parents fall under the cult's influence, Sang Mi and her sister strive to break free. Luckily, they find help in Hang Sang Hwan (Taecyeon) and Dong Chul (Woo Do Hwan), sons of the village chief, who helps their escape from the cult's grasp.

"Save Me" is a drama featuring a cast of well-known actors, including Seo Ye Ji, Ok Taecyeon, Woo Do Hwan, and Cho Seong Ha.

The story of Solomon's Perjury begins with the discovery of Lee So Woo (Seo Young Joo), a student who is found dead at school. So Woo's body is discovered under the snow after falling from the top floor of the school building.

The authorities and the school initially assume So Woo's death to be a suicide. However, some students believe that there is something wrong, so they hold a trial to reveal the truth.

As the trial progresses, there are various revelations that support their suspicions. What exactly happens to So Woo? If he is really murdered, who is the culprit?

Solomon's Perjury is an adaptation of the Japanese novel "Solomon no Gisho" by Miyuki Miyabe, which was first published in 2022. Prior to this adaptation, the novel was also adapted into a Japanese drama with the same title in 2015.

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