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10 Saddest New Korean Dramas, Tissues Are a Must!

Written by Sera Serinda A

South Korea is famous for producing popular films and dramas across various genres. From romance and comedy to action, thriller, horror, and melodrama, Korean entertainment never fails to deliver engaging stories.

When it comes to tear-jerking dramas, South Korea excels in this genre too. These dramas, usually in the melodrama genre, is great at playing with the audience's emotions, drawing them into the story. The sadness and feelings are strongly felt in each episode.

If you're in the mood to watch heart-wrenching dramas that can make you cry, Showpoiler has a list for you. Here are the latest melodrama and sad Korean dramas that you should watch.

1. Captivating the King

Year 2024
Genre , ,
Cast Jo Jung Suk Shin Se Kyung Lee Shin Young
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Jo Jung Suk's acting abilities are truly remarkable. This popular South Korean actor has graced our screens in numerous dramas, and in "Captivating The King," he portrays a lonely king alongside the lovely Shin Se Kyung.

In the story, Lee In (Jo Jung Suk) starts as a beloved prince, deeply cherished by his brother, King Lee Sun. However, when he's kidnapped and imprisoned by the Qin Dynasty, doubts about his loyalty arise, even sparking a sense of resentment in Lee Sun's heart.

As the narrative unfolds, Lee In eventually ascends to the throne. Despite the respect he commands from his subjects, he experiences profound loneliness and struggles to find someone he can confide in. Eventually, he falls in love with a talented clown performer named Kang Hae Soo (Shin Se Kyung).

Little does he know, Hae Soo conceals a secret agenda and seeks revenge against Lee In. So, what twists and turns will the story of this king and the enigmatic spy take next?

2. Tell Me That You Love Me

Year 2023
Genre ,
Cast Jung Woo Sung Shin Hyun Bin
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A reimagining of the Japanese drama "Aishiteiru to Ittekure," "Tell Me That You Love Me" brings to life the challenges and beauty of love in the face of communication barriers.

This drama, featuring Jung Woo Sung and Shin Hyun Bin, dives into the love story of Cha Jin Woo, a mute artist, and Jung Mo Eun, a vivacious young actress. Frustrated by the reluctance of others to learn sign language, Jin Woo often expresses his emotions through his artwork. His world takes a turn upon meeting Mo Eun, known for her talkative nature.

Mo Eun is significantly influenced by Jin Woo. So, she takes the initiative to learn sign language. Her effort brings a new vibrancy to Jin Woo's previously somber life. As she bridges the gap in communication, a tender love begins to blossom between them.

3. Live Your Own Life

Year 2023
Genre , ,
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Not only does Live Your Own Life present a romantic story, but it also shares a deep message about life. The drama is about Lee Hyo Shim, a woman who has successfully built a career as a personal trainer. Unfortunately, her family life is not as successful as her career. Hyo Shim is always the one solving her family's problems. Her eldest brother is too busy with his own family, her second brother is selfish and only cares about himself, and her youngest brother is obsessed with becoming rich. Hyo Shim only has her mom to turn to, but her mom seems to favor her three difficult brothers over her. Fortunately, a new gym member named Kang Tae Ho starts to change Hyo Shim's outlook on life. From him, she learns to take control of her own life and find peace.

Yu Gil Chae was a noble lady so beautiful that people nicknamed her the 99-tailed fox of Neunggun-ri. However, due to her reckless behavior, Gil Chae was teased and shunned by other women, even as young nobles admired her.

Gil Chae knew well how to make a man fall in love with her, but she couldn't win the heart of the one she liked. Perhaps it was because Lee Jang Hyun was a mysterious man who suddenly appeared in Neunggun-ri. Or maybe it was because Jang Hyun already had a girlfriend, who was Gil Chae's only friend.

Despite these obstacles, Gil Chae and Jang Hyun eventually couldn't hide their feelings anymore and tried to be together, even if it meant hurting others. Shortly after, war broke out between the Qing Dynasty and Goryeo.

In the aftermath of the war, the couple was separated before they could fully understand each other's feelings. If you're curious about their story, watch My Dearest parts 1 and 2 at once!

Meant to Be aired in 2023 with a total of 150 episodes. The series was directed by Kim Jin Hyeong and written by Yeo Jeong Mi. The story centers on a father's greed and its impact on those around him.

Chi Hwan (Kim Yoo Suk) grew up in poverty. Determined to escape this life, he became ambitious and worked hard to achieve his dreams. Eventually, he became the director of Shine Cosmetics, a major company.

Despite his success, Chi Hwan was never satisfied and became very greedy, even clashing with his own daughter, Hae In (Jeon Hye Hyeon).

Hae In is hurt by her father's actions, so she decides to take him down. She not only wants to stop his bad behavior but also seeks revenge for her mother's death, which she blames on his ambition and obsession.

Apple of My Eyes is another South Korean drama about family that you can enjoy on the weekend. Directed by Choi Ji Yeong, the series features famous South Korean actors and actresses such as Seo Joon Young, Yoon Da Young, and many more.

Geum Kang San (Seo Joon Young) is a single father. His wife passed away, so he works really hard to take care of his daughter. He runs a small food shop and also works as a nurse to earn enough money.

Even though he tries his best, Kang San doesn't have a great relationship with his daughter, Geum Jan Di (Kim Si Eun). But then a woman named Mi Rae (Yoon Da Young) shows up and starts to bring happiness to their family. Who is this Mi Rae, and how does she manage to make Jan Di and Kang San feel happy again?

Call it Love tells the story of a girl whose life is in chaos and who hopes for a miracle.

Sim Woo Joo (Lee Sung Kyung) once had a very good life. But her happy days ended after her mother died. Not only that, her father decided to marry his mistress. After her father died, this woman kicked Woo Joo out of her own home.

Heartbroken, Woo Joo did not stay quiet. She planned to take revenge in a clever way by getting close to Han Dong Jin (Kim Young Kwang), the son of her father's mistress.

However, instead of following through with her revenge, Woo Joo genuinely falls for Dong Jin. Will all of Woo Joo's grudges disappear after getting to know Dong Jin better?

8. The Interest of Love

Year 2022
Genre ,
Cast Yoo Yeon Seok Moon Ga Young Geum Sae Rok Jung Ga Ram
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Four different people try to understand the true meaning of love. The first is Ha Sang Su (Yoo Yeon Seok), whose peaceful life becomes unstable after experiencing love. Then there's Ahn Su Yeong (Mun Ka Young), who believes that love doesn't last forever and can fade at any time.

In contrast, Park Mi Gyeong (Keum Sae Rok) has a different view. She is firm and open about her feelings. When she likes someone, Mi Gyeong will pursue them, no matter how difficult the path.

Lastly, there's Jeong Jong Hyeon (Jung Ga Ram), who isn't concerned about love because he is focused on his exams to become a police officer. The story of these four main characters is very engaging to follow, even though it unfolds at a rather slow pace.

9. My Liberation Notes

Year 2022
Genre , ,
Cast Lee Min Ki Kim Ji Won Lee El Son Seok Koo
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My Liberation Notes is a family drama series directed by Kim Seok Yoon that aired on the JTBC channel in 2022. The series stars Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Son Suk Ku, and Lee El, and it tells the story of three siblings trying to get out of a slump in their lives.

Yeom Chang Hee (Lee Min Ki), Yeom Mi Jeong (Kim Ji Won), and Yeom Gi Jeong (Lee El) are siblings with different attitudes. Gi Jeong, the eldest, has a job but struggles to find love and becomes temperamental.

Chang Hee, the second child, has no dreams and lives a meaningless life, causing his family to look down on him. The youngest, Mi Jeong, is always dissatisfied with her life. She tries to improve but her introverted and shy nature holds her back. Can the three of them find a bright future?

Our Blues features a star-studded cast including Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min A, and Han Ji Min. The drama revolves around the lives of several main characters living on Jeju Island and is presented in an omnibus format.

The story begins with Lee Dong Seok (Lee Byung Hun), a man who sells household goods. Dong Seok falls in love with Min Seon A (Shin Min A), a woman with a mysterious background who has just moved to Jeju Island.

Another story follows Choi Han Su (Cha Seung Won), a successful city man trying to reconnect with his first love, Jung Eun Hui (Lee Jung Eun), who lives on the island. These are just a few of the many exciting and heartwarming stories in this series that you won't want to miss!

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